Excellent Skincare Is Not Just for the Skin

You’ve probably come to this site because you like the natural, holistic approach to make-up and skincare. From head to toe, you try to use products that contain only the purest minerals, nutrients and essential oils that feed your skin and bring out your healthy, inner glow to show the world.

Those are the only ingredients we use at Alexandra Hayden, and we want to welcome you to the growing number of beautiful people who are discovering the benefits of our pure products. We create each one using only gifts from Mother Nature with no additives, chemicals or fillers of any kind.

Neroli Oil in All Our Products

Unlike other companies who use this exquisite essential oil in only a few of their products, Alexandra Hayden uses it in everything we sell. Why did we choose it for the thread that ties all of our products together? Neroli oil requires about 1,000 orange blossoms to produce one drop, and applying just a small amount to your skin can support good health and make you more beautiful. It also has a wonderful smell.

It does seem incredible that simply applying our eye shadow and hand lotion might improve your mood or regenerate your skin. But we are confident that once you try any of our products, you’ll become a believer.

FREE*Alpha Sunsation

Our Gift to You

It is for this reason that we hope you will accept our gift of a trial bottle of Alpha Sunsation for only the cost of shipping and handling.

This is an all over body lotion that sloughs off old skin, revealing a new and soft layer. In addition to Neroli oil, Alpha Sunsation contains nourishing sunflower and avocado oils. It is one of our biggest sellers.

Our Gift to You